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Age Levels

We provide inclusive age levels for our apps, knowing that school curriculums and general stages of learning vary from child to child. The sample page provided in the app store for each app will give you a preview of what that app contains, in order to assist you in choosing the right app for your child.


PI Rating

Clever Goats rates each app with a PI (Parental Involvement) designation. Although we recognize that each child is at a different learning level, we do believe that the best use of educational apps involves some degree of parental guidance. We rate our apps (from PI 1 to PI 3) based on how much adult interaction is needed for the child to get the best learning experience.


PI 1: Limited parental interaction required. Once the app is set up and the first lesson is complete, the child should be able to engage with the app without assistance.
PI 2: The app contains a story or more challenging learning exercises that may require guidance from an adult.
PI 3: The highest level of parental interaction, reserved for a family game (like Car Spy) that engages multiple players with the app simultaneously.